Don’t Forget Your Notices When Moving Home

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When you are moving home, it doesn't mean that you literally have to leave your life behind. You are only changing residence, not changing identities. But who do you notify when you are moving? It's important that you create your own checklist. There's no generic list for everybody as the liabilities and responsibilities differ from one person to the other.

The checklist

Some companies specialising in interstate removals actually have their own checklists that you can download from their websites or request from their customer representatives. Again, this is just an overview of whom you should notify when you are changing address. First and foremost, you need to notify your electric and water company that you are changing address. Any bill should be forwarded to your new address. Or if that proves to be inconvenient, you can ask the utility companies to forward the bill to your office instead. The same goes for your Internet and telephone services. If you fail to notify the utility companies, you might incur interest and other penalty charges when you forget to pay because the bills haven't arrived.


Your payables like credit card, insurance or existing loans should also be forwarded to your new address so be sure to make the necessary arrangements so you get your bills on time. The local tax council should also be notified that you are changing addresses and therefore might be paying your obligations another state tax agency. This is to make sure there's no miscommunication that will occur. You should also update the information on your IDs, particularly your driver's license, so you won't get in trouble. Although they are not as important, you should also notify your magazine or newspaper subscription when you are moving home. The school of your children should also be informed of your new address. Inevitably, the children will have to transfer a school that is nearer to new home. In case you forget, you also have to inform your friends and colleagues so they won't be surprised when they come in for a visit and find a stranger in your house.


Now, you have the option to either hire professionals or going the DIY route. There are pros and cons associated with both choices but it's important that you don't just dismiss the possibility of hiring two men and a truck to load your appliances, furniture and breakable objects because you are worried about the costs. Unless you can spare the time to place all your things in storage boxes or you are confident enough or your skills to make sure nothing gets damaged or broken during transport, which more than likely will not be covered by your insurance, it's better to leave this matter into the hands of professional interstate removals.

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