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Making The Most Of Vacations

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There is not a soul on this planet that would not enjoy a vacation. Hearing someone uttering that word brings a smile to our face and sends us deep into thought about how awesome vacations are. Most of lead quite the monotonous life, with our nine to five jobs everyday. We wake up, go to office where we are at our desk the entire day, and then go home after office spend some time with our family and go to sleep. This sort of a routine can get to you beyond a point and even the biggest workaholic needs a break every now and then.

When you are going on a vacation, there are always different means of transport you can use in order to reach your destination. Many people prefer taking the flight as it is the quickest and most convenient way of reaching your destination. Others prefer taking the train as a train journey is always an experience within itself. It gives you the chance to gather a better insight of the place you are going to by talking to the people around and just by looking at your surroundings change as you travel past different states and cities to reach your final destination. And then there is the lost art of taking road trips which used to be so popular in another time. Roads trips used to be a common occurrence in every household. Whether it was a group of friends, couples or an entire family, road trips were always preferred. Today however, everyone is always on a strict time schedule. You always have somewhere to get to or some work to get done. People no longer have the liberty of extending their vacations as long as they please. If they do, they probably will not have a job by the time they get back. This has led to road trips becoming a rare occurrence.

They seem to forget that a road trip is a holiday within a holiday, by the time you reach your desired destination, you already have a set of memories and experiences that all happened on the way to your destination, and considering the vast landscape of India which is filled with various villages and hill stations which would make for the perfect road trip. There are a few road trips which one must try and make in their lifetime. So think you own the best hatchback car in India? Put it to the test and go for a road trip, which would apart from pushing your car to the limits, make for an experience of a lifetime.

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